About Us

The Energy Hub idea was conceived by Wade, Brett and Leesa from Solmax. Solmax has been a partner in the Victorian Organic Solar Consortium (VICOSC) where Scott was previously the lead project scientist with CSIRO. The Energy Hub concept is well suited to printed and perovskite-based solar cells but in the short-term our aim is to get hubs into the field using commercially available, silicon or thin-film solar cells (CIGS). Information on how to wire the panels together, how they attach to the roof and how they weather will all be relevant to the ongoing research into printed solar cells by VICOSC and other researchers.

Wade Blazley

Director, Solmax

Wade co-founded Solmax, developed the original Aramax roofing system and has built many steel prototypes on his farm in central NSW.

Brett Cooper

Director, Solmax

Brett co-founded Solmax and has been involved in a number of other renewable energy projects.

Leesa Blazley

Business Development, Solmax

Leesa does business development work for Solmax and has also worked on renewable energy projects in both the public and private sectors.

Scott Watkins

Technology Developer

Scott has led research projects on printed solar cells and has volunteered with a social enterprise delivering solar-powered lights in India.