Energy Hub

Solar-powered Energy Hubs

Community-scale energy generation and storage in a low-cost, rapidly assembled building.

Our Hubs

We use panels of the revolutionary Solmax roofing system to create a fully supported steel roof that spans over 14m between two shipping containers. Solar panels on the roof generate electricity, batteries in the containers provide storage and the structure is a community centre. The entire structure is shipped to site in the containers and can be assembled by one person.


We’re currently looking for partners to host and help build our first energy hub. Our vision is to see energy hubs installed in remote and isolated communities around the world. The energy and space created by the hub can be monetised to make the hubs financially self sustainable.

Solar Power

Upto 40kW of silicon or thin film solar panels on the roof.


Batteries in the shipping containers power refrigeration or store energy for later use.

Storage and Shelter

220m2 of roof provides shelter for a school, market or community storage.

Easy Delivery

All components are shipped directly to site inside the shipping containers.

Easy Assembly

The entire structure can be assembled by un-skilled labour.

Low Cost

A complete building can be assembled in one day using readily available components.


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Energy Hub uses Solmax roofing, a product based on the established Aramax roofing system. Solmax is a large-span, steel roofing product for residential and commercial buildings with integrated solar cells.